Al SHOUMOUKH MANPOWER RECRUITMENT is authorized to provide manpower outsourcing. We your corporate recruiting department, taking all your recruiting responsibilities.

In a cost-effective and efficient manner

Job Seeker

Al Shoumoukh Manpower Recruitment is the leading online recruitment portal in the Middle East, used by many experienced professionals from all sectors and job categories. It serves as the primary source of both local and expatriate talent of the largest employers across the region. 


Put Your Career in Gear with Al Shoumoukh Manpower Recruitment. Showcase your most marketable skills with a strategically written resume.
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Recruiting isn’t just about filling open positions. It’s about understanding your aspirations so that we can find the right people to help transform your business. We dig deep to learn about your company culture, competitive landscape and ideal candidate. Armed with this information.

As part of our service, we perform a thorough, competitive analysis, gathering market information about your business, competition and candidates and help you get the right people.
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Our Services

Al Shoumoukh Manpower Recruitment is the world leader in innovative workforce solutions, connecting human potential to the ambition of business. Combining global reach with local expertise. Al Shoumoukh Manpower Recruitment partners with clients to accelerate their business by providing

the people and services that raise the quality, productivity and efficiency of their total workforce. Our solutions focus on: Recruitment and assessment, Outsourcing, Workforce Consulting
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